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Beylikdüzü Shopping Centers

Posted by ISTANBUL PROPERTY AGENCY on 12 April 2017
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Beylikdüzü has a reputation with the multitude of shopping centers. In some sources Beylikdüzü was named as “shopping paradise”. However, this situation has changed recently. The newly opened qualified large shopping malls have caused the closure of the old small shopping malls and the number of shopping malls has been reduced. Thanks to this strong competition, only qualified shopping malls survived. In Beylikdüzü Beylikdüzü residents use giant supermarkets for shopping as it is not open to use the lower floors of the buildings as a commercial area in general. Hence, a culture of hypermarket is dominant instead of market culture. At the same time Beylikdüzü has a closed bazaar market named Beylik Market.



Beylikdüzü Migros Shopping Center, which was active in 1997, is the focal point of Beylikdüzü. Beylikdüzü Migros Shopping Center, since May 2001 ECE Turkey Project Management Inc. .

125 stores, a total of 1400 cars, indoor and outdoor parking, 5M Migros hypermarket, cafe, restaurant, fast food, men’s, women’s and children’s textile stores with famous brands. There is also a baby room and a doctor’s room in the center, which can be used free of charge. Wheelchairs are available for use by disabled wanderers when needed. Shopping center consisting of a total of 3 kats, the biggest Migros hypermarket in Istanbul, children’s playground, tailor, loser, pharmacy, hairdresser, electronics, home textile, cosmetics, books, music, It can respond to all needs of everyone.

Beylikdüzü Migros Shopping Center with a total leasable area of 40,000 sqm is a meeting point for the whole traveler. ECE Turkey’s management is always looking forward to presenting innovative and interesting projects and different options to its visitors. Various activities organized throughout the year keep visitors alive in different atmospheres. Being the most preferred shopping center since years, Beylikdüzü Migros Shopping Center will continue to be the center of attention for everybody with their interesting and striking activities.

Adress : Barış Mah. Sakarya Cad. No.1 34520 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul
Phone: (0212) 852 00 01

Perla Vista AVM

The Perlavista Shopping and Life Center in Beykent is reminiscent of Pera, which symbolizes the historical richness of old Istanbul, as well as traces of the Renaissance Europe, which is the stage of renovating the art scene. The Perlavista Shopping and Life Center, which strikes in front of a newspaper dealer in France, the banks that create a feeling of being rested in a street in Florence, packed stone, pooled squares, art nouveau ceiling trimmings, trees surrounding the streets and dazzling design; New address for luxury.

perlavistaPerlavista Shopping and Life Center, located 15 minutes away from Ataturk Airport, just beside the E5 and TEM connection points, is easily accessible even from long distance residential areas, proximity to Tüyap Congress and Exhibition Center, campus of Beykent Education Institutions, campus Has a unique central characteristic with its luxurious residence and villas like Fatih Koleji, World Eye Hospital, Kaya Ramada Hotel, Alkent 2000, Pelican Hill, VISTA Houses, Ginza Residences and more than 40.000 existing dwellings.

Perlavista Shopping and Life Center; It is located at the intersection of Büyükçekmece, Beylikdüzü, Gürpınar and Esenyurt districts. It is also one of the most important projects of the region and attracts a serious population from Avcılar and Hadımköy districts.Perlavista Exports and Legislation is the only project that responds to regional needs in real sense and has a leasable area of 35.000 m2 and 125 Magazine and many national and international favorite brands. There are a total of 2,250 vehicles open and closed free parking, 3M Migros hypermarket, cafe, restaurant, fast food, men’s, women’s, children’s textile stores with famous brands, CINEMAPİNK cinemas with 8 rooms and POWERBOWLING bowling hall. With many famous brands and electronic goods, home textiles, cosmetics, books, music, toys, sports stores, it can meet all needs of everyone.

Adress: Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi Yavuz Sultan Selim Bulvarı No: 116 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul
Phone: +90 212 871 38 05

Beylicium AVM

Metrobus, Minibus, such as a shopping center easily accessible by public transport BEYLİCİUM AVM.

Beylikum AVM is the only shopping mall you can come to work in both public institutions and under the same roof.beylicium

PTT, İGDAŞ, BEDAŞ, Payment Center, Beylikdüzü Municipality Public Relations Directorate, Career Center, Sports Center, Folk Games units in the context of BEYLİCİUM AVM.

Sincere, gay-faced shopkeeper, clean, tidy, safe shopping is an AVM you can shop for BEYLİCİUM AVM. Since there are seven separate banks and PTT ATMs, Beylicium avm

Turkey’s first new law measure for disabled parking lot for the BEYLİCİUM AVM.

Baby room, mosques, handicapped WC ‘s because of the BEYLİCİUM AVM. Beylikdüzü Municipality Cinemas, theater scenes, the strongest newspaper in the region GAZETEM ISTANBUL, Nisa Driver Course, Academy Language Center, Success Point, such as the educational institutions in the BEYLİCİUM AVM. Market, Keymaker, Tailor, jeweler, wedding dresser, hairdresser, beauty center, cosmetics and is intertwined with BEYLİCİUM AVM.

Because our site is where you can get internet, mobile phones, gsm operators and TTnet services, which is a necessity of our life and our life is forbidden, BEYLİCİUM AVM.

Do you know? The elevator inspections of the zone, the licenses and controls of which are authorized by the new law, are carried out at the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers at BEYLİCİUM AVM

Beylik Bazaar

It is one of the most important markets of Istanbul province. There are approximately 389 neighborhood bazaars in the Beylikdüzü Beylik market, the first one. The market, which has been serving since 2006, is crying for visitors from many neighborhoods. There are more than one hundred counters. It opens on Sundays. Organic product sales are also being held on Saturdays. From cheap decorative items to cosmetics and stationery to textile products, you can find many materials. The market is very crowded because it coincides with the holiday on Sunday. You can feel yourself as if you were in the rally area. People walk shoulder to shoulder.

The market had a bad fate due to the tough passing of this winter. Due to the collapse of the roof, there was a risk of not being installed in the market for a year and a half. Beylik Pazarı, located in the Peace district, was taken to the closed market area in the neighborhood of Adnan Kahveci with the decision that the municipal council had taken it. Thus, the Beylikdüzü Beylik Pazarı lovers and trades were freed from a great deal. The municipality of Pazara has big projects. They are trying to make a market where products can be cheaper. They will also solve problems such as parking, so that more people can easily arrive by car. Transportation is made very easy. Pazara services are available free of charge from all over the Beylikdüzü neighborhoods.

Beylikdüzü How to get to the Beylik market?

Pazara transportation was made very easy. Pazara transportation is very easy especially from Beylikdüzü district. There are almost free service vehicles in every locality. However, those who want to reach the bazaar from another province by public transportation can come directly to the bazaar by minibuses which are settled by Avcılar. Those who come from a farther place can come to the stop of Torium AVM by Metrobus. Beylikdüzü buses are at the same time, there are minibuses going directly to the Beylik market. You can reach the bazaar market by choosing these.

Those who want to go to the bazaar with a private car, must reach Beylikdüzü Adakent. They will show you where the market is for you. You may have a parking problem because the parking lot for the market is not yet complete. Many people are coming to the market because it is a holiday on Sundays. Buddha makes the problem of parking. You may be healthier if you reach by public transport or leave your car in the closed parking lot of the Beylikdüzü and reach it with a pajama minibus from there.

Adres : Atatürk Blv. 47 A, Büyükşehir Mahallesi, 34520 Beylikdüzü Osb/Beylikdüzü/İstanbul, Türkiye

Adnan Kahveci Çarşamba Bazaarcarsambapazari

Adnan Kahveci District in the province Founded on Wednesdays in Hasbahçe, ‘Pazar’ serves citizens in a new, modern and standards-compliant area. The 1800 counter-sized market area houses 600 tradesmen.

“It is very easy to reach to the new market which is comprehensive, modern and able to respond to a lot of needs.It is demanded from the districts of Beylikduzu not only Beylikdüzü, but also to many central points for the citizens.

Adres : Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi Kapalı Çarşamba Pazarı Beylikdüzü/İstanbul

Sürmen Center


Sürmen Center Shopping Center Beylikdüzü Adakent District Peace District has been active in 2001. Consisting of 74 stores between 10 and 740 m2 in size, Sürmen Center Shopping Center is one of the most active shopping centers in a large residential area among 60-apartment 15-storey blocks.

In the Sürmen Center, which is managed by a contemporary management style, it has been noted that the store complexity is given great importance and that the needs of the nearby area can be met by daily necessities at reasonable prices.

The Sürmen Center Shopping Center, which is visited by about 10,000 people a day, still maintains its status as the most active shopping center in the region, despite the last years.

Adress: Sürmen Center Alışveriş Merkezi Adakent-Atatürk Bulvarı No: 51 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul
Phone : 0212 873 20 10
Phone : 0212 871 27 81

Kaya Milennium

The Kaya Millennium means to be a prestigious business establishment in the third region that is leading the business life and in the rapidly developing region and in its position. Kayamillenium
The Kaya Millennium Business Center, which offers prestigious employment opportunities in a business center with A + standards, is located in Beylikdüzü, a fast-growing region that guides Istanbul’s business life.kayamillenium

Why Beylikduzu?
Modern urbanization, Dynamic and growing population, Emerging industry, Presence of schools and universities, Expo center and the density of the hotels. E5 The Kaya Millennium is located 5 minutes away from the TEM Motorway, which has 2-way direct entry and exit to the highway.

Kaya Millennium Business Center is located on 34.425m² closed area, from the central air conditioner to the intelligent elevators; To the closed circuit security system, with all the possibilities of contemporary architecture and sub-structure, you have the details to enjoy your business life.

34.425m² closed area, 10.450 m² leasable area, approximately 70 shop capacity, 70 parking open car park, 220 parking garage, 10.680 m² alanda with 2 work towers with 10 and 13 floors.


Cumhuriyet Mahallesi , Gürpınar Yolu No:2 , Beykent – Büyükçekmece , İstanbul / Türkiye
Phone : +90 (212) 872 26 36 pbx  Fax: +90 (212) 872 12 20

Marmara Park

marmaraparkMarmara Park, which covers a total of 100,000 m² of leasable area, including Bauhaus Construction Market and Real Hypermarket, is Turkey’s first galactic-themed mall. This concept of marmaraparkAVM is also evident in the design and offers a brand new shopping galaxy with more than 250 stores and 3,000 parking spaces for visitors. Among the many brands in this new galaxy are Media Markt, Cinemaximum, C & A, Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, Oysho, LC Waikiki and Koton.

Marmara Park Shopping Center, which has created a different dimension to shopping with its architectural design and different and fun activities to perform, is waiting for the whole visit to this colorful world!

Adress: Mevlana Mahallesi Çelebi Mehmet Caddesi No: 33A 34515 Esenyurt – İstanbul
Phone: 0 212 854 38 55

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